About the Music

Veering from her usual comfort zone of composing soundtracks with various guitars, Rachel Wetzel decided to limit the music in Shadow Tag to only what was generated from the statistical data.  Using TwoTone, she imported various CSV files chosen by the collaborators that were translated into musical notes by the software.  TwoTone allows for the tracks to be manipulated by key, value and instrument in order to form a composition based on data from a singular file.  Finding the resulting compositions to be too limiting, she exported individual tracks from various sets of data used in Shadow Tag into GarageBand. Rachel could then layer, distort, mix and incorporate field recordings into the soundtrack, which better reflected all of the despondent themes of the data into one composition, thus making for a more ambient and personalized musical experience.


Watch the video to hear Rachel Wetzel’s atmospheric soundtrack.

You can hear more of Rachel’s music on Bandcamp – and watch the music video for ‘Shaking.’
Learn more about her work as a photo conservator here.


Rachel Wetzel manipulated data generated sound in Garage Band
Rachel Wetzel manipulated data generated sound in Garage Band